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CommUNITY ~ Connecting Hearts, Connecting Hands

"So Powerful is the Light of Unity that It can Illuminate the Whole Earth" - Bahai writings

 "This is a place where leaders are formed, relationships built, and, most significantly, where walls come down. My two summers with HUH were filled with moments of joy and beauty and with breakthroughs in self-understanding. The camp brings together folks who might not ordinarily meet yet who find themselves sharing and celebrating ample common ground. The mentors are terrific and participants' lives are transformed. A precious jewel of a place."  

 "Heads Up! Hartford was one of the single biggest positive influences of my young, and even adult, life. My wish for all kids is that they are able to participate in a program that enables character building, the celebration of diversity, the expanding of worldview, and the openness for honest and humbling conversations the way that Heads Up! Hartford does." 

Our Mission


Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

At Heads Up! Hartford, teens from a variety of geographic, economic, and racial backgrounds collaborate to serve the community during the day and engage with each other during a variety of educational and leisure activities at night. We believe that promoting diversity and inclusion helps us all to grow, learn, and become better contributors to our society. 


Developing Leaders & Teaching Social Emotional Skills

Studies show that to create positive, sustainable change in our complex world, we need collaborative leaders who value diversity, inclusion, and teamwork. Developing leadership skills at Heads Up! Hartford happens naturally through the program. Each camper is given the opportunity to reach his or her full potential which builds self-esteem and confidence. We encourage all youth to take an active role in supporting the leadership development of their fellow campers during camp week. And we enable returning campers to take collective leadership roles in planning for and running the camp.

Evening programming is focused on social-emotional education. Campers engage in a variety of interactive programs designed to enable them to acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.


Strengthening Our Community

Giving back to the communities in and around Hartford, Connecticut is an essential mission of Heads Up! Hartford, and each summer our campers collectively perform 3,000 hours of service at nonprofits in greater Hartford. We believe that encouraging community service at a young age fosters ongoing community engagement as an adult and enables thriving communities. 


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2018 Great Nonprofits Top-Rated Award

2018 Great Nonprofits Top-Rated Award


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2018 Great Nonprofits Top-Rated Award

2018 Great Nonprofits Top-Rated Award


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2018 Great Nonprofits Top-Rated Award

State of Connecticut Licensed Camp

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