Youth participation

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Students who participate in HUH are typically a part of the youth group at church. In addition, in recent years we have also welcomed graduates of Hartford’s Breakthrough Magnet School. Everyone must have a completed application and medical forms returned by the deadline to the youth director/HUH representative from your organization or directly to the address on the registration form.

Youth are expected to participate the full 7 days, except for extraordinary situations and they submit a request to the director upon registration. No visitors to HUH are permitted without permission from the director.

There is no drinking, drugs, or tobacco use allowed during the week. Additionally, cell phones are not permitted. Personal music players/devices are allowed in individual rooms during ‘down time’ only. If we find them being used during work or activity time, we reserve the right to take them and hold on to them until the end of service week.

All students are expected to participate in all facets of the program for the week.

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