What a week is like

What a week is like

See the  WAG 2016 aka Week-at-a Glance for last camp.DSCN2763

After breakfast each day the camp has a brief worship service, then breaks into work groups of 10-12 and heads for destinations around the city of Hartford: CRT Day Care Centers, Elderly and disabled housing, FoodShare, The Village for Children and Families, among others.

Upon return to St. Thomas, we engage in recreation, workshops, and worship.  Each evening a different event is planned for the whole camp:  talent shows, basketball tournaments, dances, all-camp games are included.

Time is made for each of the work-teams to debrief their day, and each day is closed with a worship service which includes singing, prayer, stories of the day, and slides of each of the work-teams’ work sites.

The final day is an excursion to a local state park.  That night, members of the community, parents, and churches are invited to our closing ceremony.

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